Welcome to UPPERCUT barbershop!

UPPERCUT is the first theme barbershop in Saratov. We have our own, unique atmosphere at our place. To make the great classic haircuts, our barbers use grease and all sorts of high-quality hair products for men. Here you can discuss the latest news and enjoy a cup of probably the best coffee in town while we get your hair, beard, or moustache in order. And that's why our clients recommend UPPERCUT to their friends!


  • Men's haircut 1200 RUB
  • Beard trimming 600 RUB
  • Buzz cut 600 RUB
  • Straight razor shave 1200 RUB

What clients say

Владимир Тугарев — клиент барбершопа Uppercut
Vladimir Tugarev

I was pleasantly surprised when they opened the first theme men's barbershop in Saratov. First time, I came to get a haircut, met the great UPPERCUT's barbers, and I didn't even have to explain anything in detail - they got my beard and moustache in shape, made me a classic haircut. I still go there on every occasion. Why do I like that place so much? Must be the atmosphere, the great company, and the high quality of their work. Special thanks to Andrey, Yaroslav, and Alexander, they do the trerrific job!

Артём Чертыков — клиент барбершопа Uppercut
Artem Chertykov

It's probably the first place where I don't have to thoroughly control the process of my haircut because the guys really know what they're doing and they mean business! A rare exception among the other places as you can simply say "Just do it right!" and you won't be disappointed. The only negative side is that I go there and get a haircut more often than I actually need just because I like to spend time in there. But, hey, what's so negative about that?

Максим Плотников — клиент барбершопа Uppercut
Maksim Plotnikov

UPPERCUT is the place where you have to try really hard to feel yourself uncomfortable. When you walk in there, you get into its special ecosystem. People who went to UPPERCUT at least once will understand what I'm talking about. Coming here, you feel the joy of meeting your friends and you smile as you leave, thinking of the time you spent there and you want to come back once again. It grows into kind of a ritual, in a good way! It's not just the best coffee and the best haircuts in town - you find a family in there that grows bigger every single day. And I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

Антон Архипов — клиент барбершопа Uppercut
Anton Arkhipov

A usual hair salon is just a place where you get your hair cut and that's about it. When I first visited UPPERCUT, I found out that the atmosphere, the top-notch client service, and the highly professional barbers is the mix that makes this barbershop stand out among the other such places I've been to. To me, the barbershop is the place where I can go anytime and leave my daily routine behind its doors. A place to drink a cup of tea, browse a magazine, talk to the barbers on any subject, and they always energize you with their good mood. And, of course, I'm always glad to meet my good friend Andrey at UPPERCUT. Those who've been to this barbershop always come back. And those who's yet to come here should definitely do that! As all men in Saratov should!

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